Minimising my wardrobe

minimise wardrobe

When is having too much clothes a problem? And when is it time to do something about it?

These questions have gone through my head for the past month, well really for more time than that, but I have only become productive about it recently. Yesterday I actually started sorting through my wardrobe and had a big purge of items I didn’t need or want anymore.

I knew I had a lot of clothes, but it’s amazing to see it there in a pile. It really brings it to reality. And the sad thing is not the amount, but the amount of clothes I didn’t wear. I seemed to be collecting and collecting piece after piece. The majority of the items were bought from op shops. I love op shopping, but the great low prices and bargains are a hoarders collectors dream. And I have collected a lot of stuff over the years, that are just hanging there never worn. Those supposed bargains are just wasted money just sitting there. As I see it that money could of been saved up to actually buy something I would use regularly, or spent on a nice relaxing holiday.

I decided to minimise my wardrobe as I realised I don’t wear most of my clothes, and I keep going back to a few essentials I wear most days. These unworn items are just dead space in my closet. Seeing many of my items not being worn makes me sad, as well as frustrated. Going to my wardrobe was not a good experience, fuelled by the fact that I’m not the most organised person, you can imagine how messy the wardrobe can get.

Coming back from a three week European holiday in June, I have realised how my hard earned money and energy can and should be used. This has spurred me to actually do something and clear out my closet, and eventually spend less money on clothes and materialistic things, and spend more time and energy on creating art and saving up to go travel and experience things.

Fifty years ago many people didn’t have the extensive wardrobes we have today. How many dresses does a girl need anyway? And I’m more at peace with the thought of not having a heap load of clothes to choose from when I get ready at the start of my day.

Getting rid of those unworn items is a great feeling. I feel more free and light. I can now enjoy what I do have, and I can actually see and find what I need, which is a plus.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, I’m probably the exact opposite,  but I think a bit of minimalist thinking is beneficial in our lives. While doing research on this topic I found an abundance of articles and blog posts that have helped me out.

Here are some links I found useful and thought provoking:

♥ Very informative 10 step process to get your wardrobe where you want it.

♥ Some simple questions to ask yourself while creating your minimal closet.

♥ Xandra’s blog is joyful to go through (and I’m loving her podcasts on youtube, the name is FabulosiTEA). I love her minimalist wardrobe approach, and her blog mantra of ‘less stuff, more sparkle’. Go have a look at her blog and her podcasts.

♥ This article is great, I think question 7 (Do I feel confident when I wear this?) is perfect, and I definitely used it while I was deciding what to keep and what to throw away.

Hopefully these links help you too. You might not do a complete wardrobe overhaul, but maybe it will start your thought process and get you on your way to organise or even minimise your wardrobe.

Happy minimising!


Outfit love from the past

Photo by Vivian Maier

Photo by Vivian Maier

I just came upon this image on the net, and I was immediately taken by it. Especially by the women on the right. I was draw by her outfit; the pretty sheer lace blouse, the floral pleated skirt, the plastic embroidered purse, her cat eye glasses and her pretty waved hair with her fringe slightly pinned to the side. What is not to love?

This is the type of outfit I would love to wear everyday. This photo reminded me of this. Although I would love to wear this type of outfit I would fear ruing it,  as being an artist, I would get paint on it. So a girl can still dream!

I also love Vivian Maier’s other photographs as well. They capture life in another era with a different eye and emotion. It seems like street photography is such a new phenomenon, but it shows you people were doing it before it was cool. And thankfully they did. Otherwise we wouldn’t have seen how life was, and I wouldn’t of seen this lady’s beautiful outfit.


Do you have any vintage outfits you dream of?

Hello again + I’m on Instagram!


So as you can tell I haven’t been around for a long time.

I just wanted to make a quick post and let everyone know I’m still here, I just haven’t been posting.

The last couple of months have been quite draining on me creatively and doing anything creative such as photography and editing hasn’t been on my to do list. Blogging was feeling more like a chore, on top of other commitments like uni work and living life outside my two blogs. I want it to be fun, and something I want to do, rather than feeling like I have to post something; because of course this space is for self expression!

I do have lots more stuff to post from the past couple of months, and I will in the future, when my mood for blogging gets fired up again. When that is I’m not really sure.

But speaking of blogging…I also wanted to let you know I have Instagram now. I’m loving this platform, it’s so quick and easy to post from. I am using Instagram quite frequently, so if you want to see op-shopped finds, life snippets, some creative stuff come by and follow me. The link is:

This blog is under construction!

EDIT: This blog is no longer under construction! So please take a look around. 🙂 

Hello! This blog is under construction.

This blog features posts on op-shopping and vintage pieces.

I’m currently moving posts from my other blog Haus of Artistry ( to this new one. I hope you follow this blog in the meantime!

Thank you!

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Trash and Treasure finds: Beauty case, red dress + brooches

Trash and Treasure finds

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Trash and Treasure Market, and I have to say I found some amazing things.

I found this amazing blue 70s Samsonite beauty case. It came with its original key and removable tray, I had to have it as you don’t find many beauty cases with their original fittings and with this beautiful blue shade, it cost me $8.

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case, with tray

Samsonite beauty case

I also found this vibrant red and floral polyester Myer Sutherland Melbourne 70s dress. I’m loving the chiffon like floral dresses at the moment, and I’m building a good collection of them. The dress has ruffles along the collar and at the end of the long sheer sleeves. I payed just $5 for it! And I wore it for the first time at my friends 21st.

Myer Sutherland 70s dress

I also bought two brooches from two different vendors. The amazingly glamourous rhinestone brooch was $3. I have never seen a design like this before, it reminds me of the brooches royalty would wear or something that Elizabeth Taylor would wear, although in diamonds instead of rhinestones. The flower brooch is made of polymer clay and I payed $1 for it. I love how fun and pretty this brooch is, it would look great pinned on floral dresses or it could stand out on its own on a plain top. It also reminds me of the hand made brooches created in the 1940s. I think it’s a fun piece, I love unique jewellery pieces and these two brooches fit the bill!

Fabulous brooches

I also bought two fabulous vintage coats at an unbelievable price. But the coats deserve their own post, so I’ll post about them in the future.

Allen Gar blue watercolour dress

Allen Gar butterfly sleeve dress

I bought this 70s Allen Gar dress a while ago at my local Vinnies op-shop, for about $6. I was attracted to the dress with it’s blue floral watercolour pattern. The pattern reminds me of 50s cotton dresses (unfortunately this dress is polyester), the butterfly sleeves remind me of 40s style dresses. I was planning on wearing it for summer (I dont know how polyester will do in the Australian summer though), but hadn’t gone around to wearing it as it’s Autumn now and getting cooler. When I do wear it I’ll have to wear it with a slip as it’s quite sheer.

Allen Gar dress

I love the close up of the fabric, look at the dappled watercolour effect!

Oh, and I got that hanger at my local Salvos for about $3, it says it’s made by Olga Berg. It has pretty flowers embroidered on the velvet material. It makes hanging and photographing clothing so much more pretty.

Beaded purses, sewing kit + glass jar

Op-shop  finds

I bought these four items while at my local Uniting Care Op-shop.

I found two small 60s beaded coin purses.The blue purse is made of a corduroy material, with tiny white beads glued on and has a gold key attachement. I guess you can attach it you your bag aswell. The white purse is slightly smaller, and is made of satin with sequins and beaded floral designs sewn on it. It’s quite beautiful, I had to have it! They cost me $3 each.

Beaded 60s purses

I’m using the blue purse as a mini wallet for my money and cards (perfect size by the way, I can just squeeze them in), that is perfect when I go out and take my vintage bag with me. I didn’t know what to use the white purse for, as I can’t fit my cards in it, until recently. I’m currently using it to store some hair pins, it’s pretty and useful.

The glass jar is shaped like a hexagon, and the lid creates a canopy effect. I have never seen a jar with this shape before, I payed $1 for it. I’m collecting some jars to eventually create a mini terrarium. 

I couldn’t resist the vintage mini travel sewing kit! It has everything in it. It has about nine thread colours, a medium needle, a safety pin, a paper measuring tape, a pair of scissors, a pack of small needles and a needle threader. I think I payed 50c for it, just to cute to pass up!

Sewing kit

Sewing kit