Diy: Ribbon key chain for your vintage suitcases

Diy Ribbon key chain

Here is a diy tutorial I made using ribbon, to make pretty key chains to match my vintage suitcases. You can do the same.


What you need: 

  • Scissors 
  • Clear nail polish
  • Ribbon (you can use any type of ribbon, string or twine)
  • And of course some keys or a key!

I used two types of satin ribbon here, as I have a yellow suitcase and a blue suitcase. Try to find ribbon that matches your vintage suitcases, so you can easily find the keys when needed. It’s a bonus if your ribbon is thrifted too, like mine!

Blue and yellow ribbon

Get you ribbon and cut a piece off. Mine was approximately 20cm long, as I left more length to tie a cute bow on top. Slip your ribbon through the key hole and tie a knot to your desired length. I tried to make it long enough so I could loop the key onto the suitcase handle.

Then tie a proper bow, so two loops and tie a knot. Once you have your bow, cut the bow ends at an angle, or just straight across, whatever style you prefer. I then sealed the ends, so they won’t fray, with the clear nail polish. Use a little so it doesn’t soak the ribbon.

Blue ribbon key chain

And here is the final product. Simple, pretty and practical! I hope you have a go at making a ribbon key chain, and tell me about it!

Key chain in suitcase

DIY shorten earrings

diy shorten earrings

These are the earrings I showed you in the last post. And I said I would do a post on how I shortened them. They were a bit to long for my face and I thought they would look perfect if they were shorter.

What you need

What you will need:

  • A pair of earrings
  • Wire cutters
  • E-6000 glue or a strong hold glue for metal

I just have to say I love the E-6000 glue! I tried so hard to find this stuff and when I did you can believe me I grabbed it as quick as I could.

cut the earrings

If you have rhinestone earrings like mine, cut in between the rhinestones where you want to make it shorter. If you have chain earrings you can easily cut the chain loop instead.

earring cutting

I had a rhinestone missing in the main part of the earring (see if you can spot it) so I just took a rectangle from the off cut, and glued it in to the empty space. I also cut off the purple rhinestone and glued it to the main earring part to complete the shortened look. And as always read the instructions on the glue and follow as instructed.

earrings close-up

And here is the final product! I really love them, and they were really easy to do.

If you try to shorten your earrings or any of your accessories, tell me about it, I would love to see the results!

Hemming a skirt

I bought a skirt some time ago and of course put it in the mend/shorten pile, like we all do. So I decided to go ahead and shorten it. I really loved this skirt when I first saw it at my local Savers (sadly it moved a bit further away from me now!), it was way to long for me, as it was close to my ankles. I thought it would look better shorter, and it does. It is one of my favourite skirts and wear it frequently.

Here you can see the before and after. I also included some close ups of the label and the cute three leaf clover on the side of the skirt. It’s my lucky charm!

Before skirt me wearing skirt-02

Skirt label

Three leaf clover

It’s great what a bit of cutting and hemming can do. It can turn a horribly long skirt into a favoured item.

I’m a novice at sewing, so if I can hem a skirt you can too! And I did it all in about an hour, ready in time to wear to a casual dinner with my friends.

Firstly I measured what length I wanted to cut of the skirt and added a 1cm allowance to that. Then I cut the skirt where I marked it. I zig zag stitched along the raw edge, and folded and pinned the skirt to where I was going to hem the skirt. I simply stitched the hem with a straight stich all around the bottom. And it was was done. So simple and I feel proud I did it myself!

Cutting skirt

Shorter skirt

Hope your mending/shortening pile gets a bit of attention!

Flower Corsage + 80s style

Last week I made some corsages for my friends and me. They were created for a fake prom night that we went to. I thought it would be nice to make the corsages for them, so it could feel like a real prom. I’m happy they liked them, and I like how they turned out too. The blue one is mine, and I wore it with a blue lace dress that I thrifed 3 weeks ago.

     And here is my interpretation of a 1980s prom style. With blue eye shadow, red lips and of course big hair!  I was trying to give my best Dynasty pose! You can also see my corsage working its magic too.

Hope you had a fun week filled with 80s colour and magic! 🙂

Adriana xo