Diy: Ribbon key chain for your vintage suitcases

Diy Ribbon key chain

Here is a diy tutorial I made using ribbon, to make pretty key chains to match my vintage suitcases. You can do the same.


What you need: 

  • Scissors 
  • Clear nail polish
  • Ribbon (you can use any type of ribbon, string or twine)
  • And of course some keys or a key!

I used two types of satin ribbon here, as I have a yellow suitcase and a blue suitcase. Try to find ribbon that matches your vintage suitcases, so you can easily find the keys when needed. It’s a bonus if your ribbon is thrifted too, like mine!

Blue and yellow ribbon

Get you ribbon and cut a piece off. Mine was approximately 20cm long, as I left more length to tie a cute bow on top. Slip your ribbon through the key hole and tie a knot to your desired length. I tried to make it long enough so I could loop the key onto the suitcase handle.

Then tie a proper bow, so two loops and tie a knot. Once you have your bow, cut the bow ends at an angle, or just straight across, whatever style you prefer. I then sealed the ends, so they won’t fray, with the clear nail polish. Use a little so it doesn’t soak the ribbon.

Blue ribbon key chain

And here is the final product. Simple, pretty and practical! I hope you have a go at making a ribbon key chain, and tell me about it!

Key chain in suitcase


Lady Tie

 Today, well technically yesterday, I made this lady tie sort of accessory. You see, I went to spotlight today, and saw this scrap of pretty retro fabric on sale for 50c! How could I not take it? I bought it, not knowing what I was going to do with it. I had an idea to make it into a belt, or a brooch display (make the belt and pin my brooches on it).

It was only a little piece of fabric so I sewed it in half. I originally cut the ends to make a prong shape, but that didn’t turn out right, so I annoyingly turned it inside out again and stitched it diagonally. I plan to wear it like in the photo, or I could wear it as a head band. I’m happy with how it turned out, and it always feels good to create something by yourself!

Did you make anything recently?

Flower Corsage + 80s style

Last week I made some corsages for my friends and me. They were created for a fake prom night that we went to. I thought it would be nice to make the corsages for them, so it could feel like a real prom. I’m happy they liked them, and I like how they turned out too. The blue one is mine, and I wore it with a blue lace dress that I thrifed 3 weeks ago.

     And here is my interpretation of a 1980s prom style. With blue eye shadow, red lips and of course big hair!  I was trying to give my best Dynasty pose! You can also see my corsage working its magic too.

Hope you had a fun week filled with 80s colour and magic! 🙂

Adriana xo