Trash and Treasure finds: Beauty case, red dress + brooches

Trash and Treasure finds

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Trash and Treasure Market, and I have to say I found some amazing things.

I found this amazing blue 70s Samsonite beauty case. It came with its original key and removable tray, I had to have it as you don’t find many beauty cases with their original fittings and with this beautiful blue shade, it cost me $8.

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case, with tray

Samsonite beauty case

I also found this vibrant red and floral polyester Myer Sutherland Melbourne 70s dress. I’m loving the chiffon like floral dresses at the moment, and I’m building a good collection of them. The dress has ruffles along the collar and at the end of the long sheer sleeves. I payed just $5 for it! And I wore it for the first time at my friends 21st.

Myer Sutherland 70s dress

I also bought two brooches from two different vendors. The amazingly glamourous rhinestone brooch was $3. I have never seen a design like this before, it reminds me of the brooches royalty would wear or something that Elizabeth Taylor would wear, although in diamonds instead of rhinestones. The flower brooch is made of polymer clay and I payed $1 for it. I love how fun and pretty this brooch is, it would look great pinned on floral dresses or it could stand out on its own on a plain top. It also reminds me of the hand made brooches created in the 1940s. I think it’s a fun piece, I love unique jewellery pieces and these two brooches fit the bill!

Fabulous brooches

I also bought two fabulous vintage coats at an unbelievable price. But the coats deserve their own post, so I’ll post about them in the future.


Suitcase Rummage sale at Heritage Hill

SRPOP_2013_webClick the poster to find the original source.

I went to a Suitcase Rummage sale on the 3rd of February and then on the 3rd of March, which was held at Heritage Hill. Here are some of the things I found on the first rummage sale.

rummage sale

I found a great crystal glass ring holder,  I’ve been looking for one like this for some time. A pretty rhinestone clip, a pink rhinestone finding, two pretty ball earring findings, a lovely real silver locket (I’ve wanted a silver locket for ages too), a beautiful Invicta watch, sadly it doesn’t work, but I’ll get new batteries for it. I love the metal strap on it! And just because, a pretty crown. Although I’m not sure I’ll wear it out, I just couldn’t leave it behind. It’s too fun and girlie! The total cost for everything was $12.

The second sale was a lot smaller and there weren’t as many stall holders. I managed to buy a wooden small trinket shelf and a brown picture frame, both for $4.

rummage sale

rummage sale

rummage sale

It was a lovely day, but it was even more great as Heritage Hill had their open day. The historic precinct was open to the public with guided tours and music, as they had introduced a new layout to the two older buildings.

I will do a post on the open day in the future, I think I will break it up in parts as I took a lot of photos. I will also include some photos of the Rummage sale too.

And I haven’t been posting lately as I have started uni. So if I don’t post that frequently you know why!

Metallic clutch + white rhinestones

Yesterday I really wanted to go to a market, and decided to go to my local trash and treasure market. I haven’t been in a while so I was excited to go! Sadly I arrived late, so there weren’t many stall holders, and some were packing up.  I did manage to find a nice white rhinestone necklace and earring set, and a Sachi retro bag/clutch.

The bag had a thin shoulder strap but it was cut off, no matter because I think it looks nice as a clutch, and it totally matches the shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago, which is a bonus! The clutch has beautiful stitched details, and a cool gold metallic finish.

I love the white rhinestones of the necklace, and I had the intention of using it for some craft projects, but I quite like it as a necklace!

I love Trash and Treasure markets, you can find some awesome pieces with even more awesome prices!

Adriana xo