Hello again + I’m on Instagram!


So as you can tell I haven’t been around for a long time.

I just wanted to make a quick post and let everyone know I’m still here, I just haven’t been posting.

The last couple of months have been quite draining on me creatively and doing anything creative such as photography and editing hasn’t been on my to do list. Blogging was feeling more like a chore, on top of other commitments like uni work and living life outside my two blogs. I want it to be fun, and something I want to do, rather than feeling like I have to post something; because of course this space is for self expression!

I do have lots more stuff to post from the past couple of months, and I will in the future, when my mood for blogging gets fired up again. When that is I’m not really sure.

But speaking of blogging…I also wanted to let you know I have Instagram now. I’m loving this platform, it’s so quick and easy to post from. I am using Instagram quite frequently, so if you want to see op-shopped finds, life snippets, some creative stuff come by and follow me. The link is: http://instagram.com/vintageartistry


This blog is under construction!

EDIT: This blog is no longer under construction! So please take a look around. 🙂 

Hello! This blog is under construction.

This blog features posts on op-shopping and vintage pieces.

I’m currently moving posts from my other blog Haus of Artistry (hausofartistry.wordpress.com) to this new one. I hope you follow this blog in the meantime!

Thank you!

i'm moving illustration

Silver plastic $1 jewellery box

Hello. I haven’t been posting as much, as I said I will. I haven’t been in the blogging mood, not that I don’t want to, I’m just soaking up my holidays and enjoying them as long as possible.

I have been sick aswell this past week with Saturday being the worst, I think I might have gotten food poisoning so that left me quite weak. And I’m also battling a cold at the moment too, hopefully it goes away soon!

This isn’t helped by the extreme weather we have been having here in Melbourne, hot days up to 39 degrees, and some cloudy days.

plastic jewellery box

But anyway back to the good stuff. I bought this little beauty a while ago from my local Vinnies. It was only $1 and silver! I love silver jewellery boxes, and especially ones that have an antique look to them.

plastic jewellery box

I thought the box was made of metal but when I picked it up I discovered it was plastic. It also has a bit of the silver paint rubbed off the lid, but other than that it’s a sturdy box, its hinges work, and I can repaint the top with a bit of spray paint.

plastic jewellery box

I have washed it, I took these photos when I got it home, as you can see it needed a good clean. The inner red compartment comes out and is covered in red flocking, which is pretty, but was dirty. When I cleaned it it all came off, which was a bit sad, but the compartment is red anyway so it doesn’t ruin the look of the box.

So for $1 I’m happy with the cute box.

plastic jewellery box

Have you found a nice jewellery box lately?  

Small vase + pretty plate

Vase, plate, pants

Last month I bought a cute little glass vase, a pretty rose motif plate and some white and red stripy pants from my local Vinnies. The vase was only 50cents and the plate was $1. I have a similar plate to this one, but is much larger and from a different Italian company, and I got it for free!

And I could’t say no to the small vase. The shape is perfect, and it kind of reminds me of a heart.

Vase, plate, pants plate4-04

I love the flower motifs on the plates, and the simple white glaze, they are decorative without being overly done. But I have to say I do love the ‘More is More’ saying.

Plate stamp

Rose plate compared to big plate

Here you can see how well the rose plate matches my bigger plate. Could this be a future collection? Who knows.