Outfit love from the past

Photo by Vivian Maier

Photo by Vivian Maier

I just came upon this image on the net, and I was immediately taken by it. Especially by the women on the right. I was draw by her outfit; the pretty sheer lace blouse, the floral pleated skirt, the plastic embroidered purse, her cat eye glasses and her pretty waved hair with her fringe slightly pinned to the side. What is not to love?

This is the type of outfit I would love to wear everyday. This photo reminded me of this. Although I would love to wear this type of outfit I would fear ruing it,  as being an artist, I would get paint on it. So a girl can still dream!

I also love Vivian Maier’s other photographs as well. They capture life in another era with a different eye and emotion. It seems like street photography is such a new phenomenon, but it shows you people were doing it before it was cool. And thankfully they did. Otherwise we wouldn’t have seen how life was, and I wouldn’t of seen this lady’s beautiful outfit.


Do you have any vintage outfits you dream of?


Trash and Treasure finds: Beauty case, red dress + brooches

Trash and Treasure finds

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Trash and Treasure Market, and I have to say I found some amazing things.

I found this amazing blue 70s Samsonite beauty case. It came with its original key and removable tray, I had to have it as you don’t find many beauty cases with their original fittings and with this beautiful blue shade, it cost me $8.

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case, with tray

Samsonite beauty case

I also found this vibrant red and floral polyester Myer Sutherland Melbourne 70s dress. I’m loving the chiffon like floral dresses at the moment, and I’m building a good collection of them. The dress has ruffles along the collar and at the end of the long sheer sleeves. I payed just $5 for it! And I wore it for the first time at my friends 21st.

Myer Sutherland 70s dress

I also bought two brooches from two different vendors. The amazingly glamourous rhinestone brooch was $3. I have never seen a design like this before, it reminds me of the brooches royalty would wear or something that Elizabeth Taylor would wear, although in diamonds instead of rhinestones. The flower brooch is made of polymer clay and I payed $1 for it. I love how fun and pretty this brooch is, it would look great pinned on floral dresses or it could stand out on its own on a plain top. It also reminds me of the hand made brooches created in the 1940s. I think it’s a fun piece, I love unique jewellery pieces and these two brooches fit the bill!

Fabulous brooches

I also bought two fabulous vintage coats at an unbelievable price. But the coats deserve their own post, so I’ll post about them in the future.

Allen Gar blue watercolour dress

Allen Gar butterfly sleeve dress

I bought this 70s Allen Gar dress a while ago at my local Vinnies op-shop, for about $6. I was attracted to the dress with it’s blue floral watercolour pattern. The pattern reminds me of 50s cotton dresses (unfortunately this dress is polyester), the butterfly sleeves remind me of 40s style dresses. I was planning on wearing it for summer (I dont know how polyester will do in the Australian summer though), but hadn’t gone around to wearing it as it’s Autumn now and getting cooler. When I do wear it I’ll have to wear it with a slip as it’s quite sheer.

Allen Gar dress

I love the close up of the fabric, look at the dappled watercolour effect!

Oh, and I got that hanger at my local Salvos for about $3, it says it’s made by Olga Berg. It has pretty flowers embroidered on the velvet material. It makes hanging and photographing clothing so much more pretty.

Beaded purses, sewing kit + glass jar

Op-shop  finds

I bought these four items while at my local Uniting Care Op-shop.

I found two small 60s beaded coin purses.The blue purse is made of a corduroy material, with tiny white beads glued on and has a gold key attachement. I guess you can attach it you your bag aswell. The white purse is slightly smaller, and is made of satin with sequins and beaded floral designs sewn on it. It’s quite beautiful, I had to have it! They cost me $3 each.

Beaded 60s purses

I’m using the blue purse as a mini wallet for my money and cards (perfect size by the way, I can just squeeze them in), that is perfect when I go out and take my vintage bag with me. I didn’t know what to use the white purse for, as I can’t fit my cards in it, until recently. I’m currently using it to store some hair pins, it’s pretty and useful.

The glass jar is shaped like a hexagon, and the lid creates a canopy effect. I have never seen a jar with this shape before, I payed $1 for it. I’m collecting some jars to eventually create a mini terrarium. 

I couldn’t resist the vintage mini travel sewing kit! It has everything in it. It has about nine thread colours, a medium needle, a safety pin, a paper measuring tape, a pair of scissors, a pack of small needles and a needle threader. I think I payed 50c for it, just to cute to pass up!

Sewing kit

Sewing kit

Vintage sale finds

A while ago I went to Melbourne’s Vintage Clearance Centre sale. It was my first time going there and it was awesome! There were so many clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from. All dresses were $15, sequin tops were $20, tops and skirts were $5, boots were $20, and bags were $15. The hall that the sale was held at was huge! I didn’t realise how big the sale was going to be.

I was hesitant at first as there were so many people trying on and looking at all the clothing, so I started to look in a section that seemed more deserted. There were no change rooms at the place so you had to improvise a bit. Many people were just trying on clothing over the clothing they had on, which is what I had to do too.  I wore a thinner type of dress with an A-line style, so I could easily try stuff on. There were no mirrors what so ever, so you can imagine how hard it was to pick a dress, without any way of knowing how it looked on.

Checkered dress

I tried on a lot of dresses, but settled on two. This checkered 70s/80s does 50s style dress, which has pockets, and covered seams. And this semi sheer floral 50s dress. I’m assuming it is a 50s dress as it has a metal zipper on the side, looks hand made and is quite long. It is a bit big, but I love the print. The checkered dress fits quite nice, and I’ve worn it quite a lot, I haven’t worn the floral dress yet.

Sheer 50s dress

Sheer dress belt detail

I took a few photos of some other dresses, that sadly didn’t fit me. I was excited to find so many 50s dresses priced at $15.

I though this 70s/80s dress was designed by Diane Freis, but I looked at the label and it wasn’t. I think her style was quite popular and was copied in her time.

70s blue pattern dress

The rest are all 50s dresses. This aqua number was simple, and I quite like the small waist ruching.

50s aqua dress

I liked the sleeves and diagonal pockets on the 50s blue dress.

50s blue dress

This brown shift dress was particularly lovely, with the floral textured fabric, and the cute pussy bow tie.

50s brown floral dress

This light lavender dress felt soft, I love the neckline, and love the overall dress shape. I love sleeves on dresses!

50s lavender dress

This 50s silver number, I think is particularly special. The material was quite satiny, and had horizontal stripes, and a lovely square neck line with a pretty bow! I do love bows on dresses!

50s silver striped dress

I really wish these dresses were in my size, as I would have bought them all! How could you not with prices like $15! At least I have photos of them to admire.

It was a great day, and I didn’t go too crazy with my purchases. There were many dresses to choose from and can’t wait to go to the next one! Maybe I’ll find some 50s dresses in my size!

The next sale is on the 4th of May, if you live in Melbourne you should go check it out!

Suitcase Rummage sale at Heritage Hill

SRPOP_2013_webClick the poster to find the original source.

I went to a Suitcase Rummage sale on the 3rd of February and then on the 3rd of March, which was held at Heritage Hill. Here are some of the things I found on the first rummage sale.

rummage sale

I found a great crystal glass ring holder,  I’ve been looking for one like this for some time. A pretty rhinestone clip, a pink rhinestone finding, two pretty ball earring findings, a lovely real silver locket (I’ve wanted a silver locket for ages too), a beautiful Invicta watch, sadly it doesn’t work, but I’ll get new batteries for it. I love the metal strap on it! And just because, a pretty crown. Although I’m not sure I’ll wear it out, I just couldn’t leave it behind. It’s too fun and girlie! The total cost for everything was $12.

The second sale was a lot smaller and there weren’t as many stall holders. I managed to buy a wooden small trinket shelf and a brown picture frame, both for $4.

rummage sale

rummage sale

rummage sale

It was a lovely day, but it was even more great as Heritage Hill had their open day. The historic precinct was open to the public with guided tours and music, as they had introduced a new layout to the two older buildings.

I will do a post on the open day in the future, I think I will break it up in parts as I took a lot of photos. I will also include some photos of the Rummage sale too.

And I haven’t been posting lately as I have started uni. So if I don’t post that frequently you know why!

Diy: Ribbon key chain for your vintage suitcases

Diy Ribbon key chain

Here is a diy tutorial I made using ribbon, to make pretty key chains to match my vintage suitcases. You can do the same.


What you need: 

  • Scissors 
  • Clear nail polish
  • Ribbon (you can use any type of ribbon, string or twine)
  • And of course some keys or a key!

I used two types of satin ribbon here, as I have a yellow suitcase and a blue suitcase. Try to find ribbon that matches your vintage suitcases, so you can easily find the keys when needed. It’s a bonus if your ribbon is thrifted too, like mine!

Blue and yellow ribbon

Get you ribbon and cut a piece off. Mine was approximately 20cm long, as I left more length to tie a cute bow on top. Slip your ribbon through the key hole and tie a knot to your desired length. I tried to make it long enough so I could loop the key onto the suitcase handle.

Then tie a proper bow, so two loops and tie a knot. Once you have your bow, cut the bow ends at an angle, or just straight across, whatever style you prefer. I then sealed the ends, so they won’t fray, with the clear nail polish. Use a little so it doesn’t soak the ribbon.

Blue ribbon key chain

And here is the final product. Simple, pretty and practical! I hope you have a go at making a ribbon key chain, and tell me about it!

Key chain in suitcase