Trash and Treasure finds: Beauty case, red dress + brooches

Trash and Treasure finds

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Trash and Treasure Market, and I have to say I found some amazing things.

I found this amazing blue 70s Samsonite beauty case. It came with its original key and removable tray, I had to have it as you don’t find many beauty cases with their original fittings and with this beautiful blue shade, it cost me $8.

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case

Samsonite beauty case, with tray

Samsonite beauty case

I also found this vibrant red and floral polyester Myer Sutherland Melbourne 70s dress. I’m loving the chiffon like floral dresses at the moment, and I’m building a good collection of them. The dress has ruffles along the collar and at the end of the long sheer sleeves. I payed just $5 for it! And I wore it for the first time at my friends 21st.

Myer Sutherland 70s dress

I also bought two brooches from two different vendors. The amazingly glamourous rhinestone brooch was $3. I have never seen a design like this before, it reminds me of the brooches royalty would wear or something that Elizabeth Taylor would wear, although in diamonds instead of rhinestones. The flower brooch is made of polymer clay and I payed $1 for it. I love how fun and pretty this brooch is, it would look great pinned on floral dresses or it could stand out on its own on a plain top. It also reminds me of the hand made brooches created in the 1940s. I think it’s a fun piece, I love unique jewellery pieces and these two brooches fit the bill!

Fabulous brooches

I also bought two fabulous vintage coats at an unbelievable price. But the coats deserve their own post, so I’ll post about them in the future.


Marie Antoinette Costume

I went to a friends costume birthday party last friday and I decided to go as Marie Antoinette. I loved how people tried to guess who I was, some said ghost one person said Marilyn Monroe …..yes I think he was drunk.

It was a fun night, filled with friends, music and food!

I’m wearing the white cotton top I bought the other day, a white and blue stripped skirt which is actually a dress (I tucked the top bit under neath). A blue mesh shawl. A white rhinestone belt I’ve had lying about from Forever New, on sale! A white wig I styled. A small hat, that I attached a bird too. Some thrifted rhinestone and pearl necklaces. My thrifted gold and rhinestone bracelets. And the gold shoes I thrifted awhile ago, to which I attached some shoe clips, that I made.

For people who want to know how I did my make up and hair keep reading:

For the white powdered look, I used some water activated face/body paint and put it all over my face and neck. I used some lipstick as a blusher, which I dabbed on my cheeks and blended until it looked smooth. Then I shaped my lips into a cupids bow. I thought my eyes needed something extra so I placed some blue eyeshadow on the lids, to bring out the blue stripes in my skirt. I finished off the eyes with some white mascara, and white eyeliner on my waterline. And I drew on a cute love heart beauty mark on my cheek. 

With my hair, I created a bun and slipped the wig on top of it. I sliced the crown of the wig so I could pop the bun through. I then grabbed sections of the wig and pinned them all over the bun with bobby pins, until all of my bun was covered by the wig.  I think it worked quite well! I used lots of hairspray, both on my hair and the wig. I then pinned the hat on.

I’m really happy with how it turned out! And it was really fun getting dressed up and gathering the bits and pieces for the costume.

And like any good party we left early in the morning, the next day!

Marie Antoinette costume

1960s peignoir + dress

Here are some of my finds form Savers I bought a couple of weeks ago. I found a 1960s dress with an amazing pattern. It also has a pussy bow tie, which is such a bonus! I also found an amazing pale yellow 1960s night gown and peignoir set. I always wanted one of these sets, they seem very feminine and romantic. You can imagine a movie starlet fluttering her way through her beautiful home in the 60s wearing one of these sets. I also found a tan wool felt hat. I didn’t find anything else, but I think I found some great items, all under the style of the 1960s.

What have you found lately?

Emerald green + 80s gold

Yesterday I went to my local Salvos, Vinnies and Uniting Care op shop.  Where I found some amazing gems. I found a lovely emerald green 50s style shift dress from the Salvos. A pair of gold leather 80s heels from Vinnies. The style of the shoes looks very 50s to me, and the heels have a slight Louis flare to them.  And I also bought a pair of cream gloves from the Uniting Care op shop. I wasn’t expecting to find anything, but I did and really love every piece. It was a great way to wind down, and I got some lovely things in the process.

 I also found a very informative site explaining what a ‘Louis’ heel is, if your not really sure what it is.

Did you go op shopping recently? What did you buy?

Adriana XO