Beaded purses, sewing kit + glass jar

Op-shop  finds

I bought these four items while at my local Uniting Care Op-shop.

I found two small 60s beaded coin purses.The blue purse is made of a corduroy material, with tiny white beads glued on and has a gold key attachement. I guess you can attach it you your bag aswell. The white purse is slightly smaller, and is made of satin with sequins and beaded floral designs sewn on it. It’s quite beautiful, I had to have it! They cost me $3 each.

Beaded 60s purses

I’m using the blue purse as a mini wallet for my money and cards (perfect size by the way, I can just squeeze them in), that is perfect when I go out and take my vintage bag with me. I didn’t know what to use the white purse for, as I can’t fit my cards in it, until recently. I’m currently using it to store some hair pins, it’s pretty and useful.

The glass jar is shaped like a hexagon, and the lid creates a canopy effect. I have never seen a jar with this shape before, I payed $1 for it. I’m collecting some jars to eventually create a mini terrarium. 

I couldn’t resist the vintage mini travel sewing kit! It has everything in it. It has about nine thread colours, a medium needle, a safety pin, a paper measuring tape, a pair of scissors, a pack of small needles and a needle threader. I think I payed 50c for it, just to cute to pass up!

Sewing kit

Sewing kit